LEC Finals are coming to cinemas across EMEA!

13 / 04 / 2023

LEC Finals are coming to cinemas across EMEA!

STRAP: Riot Games has teamed up with Piece of Magic Entertainment to present the LEC Spring, Summer and Season Finals in cinemas across EMEA!


By: Lolesports Staff


Kicking off with the Spring Finals on 23 April 2023, the excitement of the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) will be coming to select cinemas across the EMEA region, in partnership with Piece of Magic Entertainment.

The Spring Final, as well as the Summer and Season Finals later in 2023, will be broadcast live from cinemas across the region - allowing League of Legends players and fans to come together and experience the excitement of the LEC on the big screen.

A full list of confirmed cinemas for the Spring Finals can be found at - with more countries and locations added for the Summer and Season Finals in due course.

“We’re so excited to be able to bring the hype of the LEC Spring and Summer Finals, as well as our crown-jewel LEC Season Finals to screens around EMEA. Piece of Magic is returning as a partner and we couldn’t be happier.” says Eva Suarez, Head of Esports Partnerships EMEA at Riot Games. “They did amazing work helping us bring the LEC Summer Finals in Malmö last year to more fans than ever before, and we can’t wait to see their work again for the upcoming finals.”

The live viewing parties will be an opportunity to gather with friends and fellow fans, experience the electrifying atmosphere, and cheer on your favourite EMEA teams in the comfort of your local cinema.

''It is our great pleasure and privilege to bring the LEC Finals to audiences, together with our passionate and committed partner Riot Games, for the 5th year running.” said Caspar Nadaud, CEO and Founder of Piece of Magic Entertainment. “As lovers of esports and the incredible community that surrounds it, we are thrilled to offer fans the opportunity to experience together the ultimate showdown, through the immersive and unparalleled big screen environment.  We cannot wait to see fans pack cinemas around the world to cheer on their favourite teams!''

You’ll be able to purchase tickets by visiting, where you will be directed to your local viewing party - the locations are constantly being updated so make sure to check the website for the nearest viewing party to you. These will be hosted in up to 70 territories, spread throughout the EMEA region. We’re also planning a few ticket giveaways before each final so make sure to keep your eyes on the LEC social media channels.

You can find out more about Piece of Magic Entertainment by visiting their website, or by following them on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

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