League of Legends Cinema Viewing Parties

Experience it together. This is the mantra behind our esports campaigns and what drives fans to come to cinemas in their thousands to share in these highly anticipated moments together, on the big screen. We partner with Riot Games on the hugely popular League of Legends, to get these global tournaments into cinemas across Europe, allowing gamers and fans to experience the thrill and excitement of each fight together on the big screen with high definition and surround sound feed. Worlds is the most widely viewed and followed esport tournament, and it’s among the largest and most popular gaming and sporting events in the world. Launched in 2009 it has over 80 million monthly players worldwide and the annual League of Legends World Championship features qualified esports teams from 12 international leagues. A truly global sport brought to you on the big screen in your local cinema.


For news on upcoming events, please check www.lolincinemas.com