The Kid

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Charles Chaplin’s cinematic masterpiece THE KID, newly restored in stunning 4K, is back on the big screen.

Charlie Chaplin’s first full length film gives his iconic and beloved character, the Little Tramp, a new sidekick in the Kid (Jackie Coogan).

The Little Tramp reluctantly rescues a baby abandoned by his mother (Edna Purviance), but soon comes to love him. After a few years, they form a tight father and son bond and make a living together – the Kid breaks windows, the Tramp nonchalantly turns up to repair them. When the boy’s mother reappears on the scene their relationship is put in jeopardy.

One of the first feature films in cinema history to combine comedy and drama, THE KID remains significant, timeless and much loved. 

  • Year of release: 1921
  • Running time: 53 minutes
  • Format: B&W / Silent / 4k
  • Musical soundtrack: Charles Chaplin 1971
  • Starring: Charles Chaplin, Lita Grey, Chuck Reisner, Jackie Coogan, Edna Purviance