King Otto

King Otto chronicles the incredible underdog story of the 2004 Greek National Football team who, against all odds, won the European Championship under the leadership of legendary German football coach “King” Otto Rehhagel. 

Audiences across the world looked on in disbelief and awe as the 300-1 outsiders, a team that had never won a single match in a major tournament, took down the giants of world football to become the unlikeliest of European Champions. The architect behind this unprecedented triumph was legendary German football coach “King” Otto Rehhagel.  After accomplishing every major success in his own country, he made the bold decision to leave everything he knew behind and work with the underachieving Greek National Team. This is the story of how these two contrasting cultures came together to speak the same language and unite to write a new chapter in Greek mythology. 

  • Regisseur: Christopher André Marks
  • Producent: Shani Hinton
  • Uitvoerend producent: Ronald L. Chez
  • Productiemaatschappij: Cinema Nolita
  • Release datum: Binnenkort in de bioscoop