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Our goal is to help people experience a magical moment with their favorite artist in the comfort of their local cinema. By creating exclusive and immersive events, we allow hundreds of thousands of cinemagoers across the globe the chance to live and re-live the very best concerts and performances on the big screen. With our global reach, only the silver screen is between the artist and their fans.

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We are an international, integrated one-stop production and/or distribution company for artists, organisations and licensors. Specialising in the production and distribution of special events to cinemas across the world, we house our own production studio, post-production facilities and crew. We bring a wealth of experience in galvanising millions of fans across the world for unique Cinema Events.

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Piece of Magic Entertainment (POM) distributes world-class events to audiences in 4000+ cinemas in over 80 territories - from multiplex cinemas to independent cinemas and non-traditional cinema venues. Through our cinema network we are able to create impactful marketing campaigns and engage fans with the content they are most passionate about.

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André Rieu - 2017 Maastricht Concert

This is what we do best...


His last Ushaia Ibiza Concert and ‘AVICII: True Stories’ Documentary

in Cinemas October 2017